Senators Blumenthal And Franken Ask Social Intelligence Corp About Using Your Facebook Photos In Employer Background Checks

Senators Blumenthal and Franken have figuratively posted on Social Intelligence Corp’s Facebook wall a poll asking the company to answer several questions about its background check business. What makes this company’s service unique is that it scours the internet profiles of prospective employees and flags them for things like holding drinks or holding guns.

In the letter the senators wrote to SIC, they said they, “are concerned that there are numerous scenarios under which a job applicant could be unfairly harmed by the information your company provides to an employer. We are also concerned that your company’s business practices may in some cases violate the law.”

The duo asked the company to answer 13 different questions, like if there was a way for employees to check out their own profile and dispute inaccuracies, if the system could tell the difference between people with the same name, and if the company could distinguish between real info and parody.

Blumenthal, Franken Call on Social Intelligence Corp to Clarify Privacy Practices []

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