Verizon Takes Away Unlimited Picture And Video Messaging, Point Of $20 Unlimited Prepaid Plan

Sam uses a prepaid Verizon plan that includes unlimited messaging and more expensive voice minutes. But that’s okay: “messaging” even includes picture and video messages. What more could the modern mobile phone user ask for? At least, until Verizon changed how the plan works and began charging per recipient of your text messages.

She writes:

I am currently paying for Verizon prepaid service. I pay $20 for unlimited messaging, and if I want calling, I have to pay extra. I have been doing this for about two years, because I can’t afford anything else.

However, today I received a text message from Verizon: “Starting on October 14th, when sending a picture or video message, you will be charged for each recipient of each message sent.”

I will soon be canceling my service with Verizon, because I’m already paying for unlimited messaging. $20 a month for nothing but text messages is ridiculous.

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