Instead Of Fixing His Computer, Sony Sends Him 7 Other Customers' Broken Ones

A man was waiting for Sony to send him a box and a shipping label so he could send his laptop off for repair. Instead, he got sent broken computers from seven other Sony customers.

He even got a call from a customer asking him if he was a Sony technician, nbc4i reports.

He spent many hours on the phone with Sony, who, even after reluctantly passing him on to a supervisor, couldn’t or wouldn’t solve his problem.

After local news intervened, Sony figured out the issue. They had somehow started printing his address on return labels sent out to other customers with repair issues.

Sony said they were tracking down the problem. But in the meantime, he could expect five more on his doorstep.

Johnstown Man Just Wants Laptop Fixed [nbc4i]
Sony Says Johnstown Man Could Receive 5 More Broken Computers [nbc4i] (Thanks to Ike!)

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