Lies You Tell Yourself That Keep You In Debt

Debt is like a blanket — You bury yourself in it, get comfortable and eventually stop noticing it’s even there. That’s because it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re powerless to rid yourself of your financial burdens. But becoming aware of the mentality that keeps you buried in debt is a way to start emerging from it.

So Over Debt outlines several fairy tales people tell themselves to settle for a debt-plagued life:

*Believing something will come along to save you. Maybe it’s a secret inheritance, a lotto win or a massive movie contract for that 300-word children’s book you just know you’ve got buried somewhere in the back of your brain. You can surely go on spending more than you make until you instantly escape your money troubles.

*You must right injustices by getting everything your friends have. If financial breaks haven’t worked out in your favor, you still may feel that you have the right to buy all the fancy things your wealthier friends do. Keeping pace with a projection of what you think life should be like is a sure way to ruin your finances.

*You’re not doing as bad as that sad sack over there. Comforting yourself with the realization that you’re not as hard up as a friend from college who had to move back in with his parents, or the guy in the office who lost his overpriced house within a year does nothing to improve your own situation.

5 Fairy Tales That Keep You in Debt [So Over Debt]

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