Woman Fired After Donating Kidney To Son Afraid To Return To Work

When a Philadelphia mother tried to return to work after taking leave from her job at an aircraft repair training company to donate a kidney to her ailing son, she was told she’d been replaced. Once her story went public, the employer underwent a change of heart and offered to keep her on payroll until she could apply for another opening at the company. But the woman says she fears retaliation of returning to the office and is wary of accepting the offer.

My Fox Philly reports the boss called her firing “a mistake.” The woman, though, is not convinced the offer is genuine:

“Even if he offers me the same position with the same salary, I know I’ll be treated differently. I know they will try to make my life a living hell while I’m working there, anything to make it impossible to work there.”

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 requires companies with more than 50 employees to allow employees to take unpaid leave to take care of certain family medical issues. The law doesn’t apply to part-time workers who work fewer than 1,250 hours in a year. The story is unclear about whether or not the law applies to this situation.

Kidney Donor Scared To Take Job Back [AP]

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