BP Station Employee Sprays Down Wannabe Robber With Gas

Earlier this year, BP was voted the Worst Company In America by Consumerist voters for its involvement in spilling oodles of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. But for one employee at a Massachusetts BP station, spilling a bit of petroleum-based product on the ground made the difference between being robbed and thwarting a crime.

In the below security camera footage, you can see a man approaching a pump at the BP station in Lowell, MA. According to the station’s owner, the man appeared to be carrying a knife as he neared the employee working at the pump.

But rather than be robbed, the employee picked up the gas hose, aimed and sprayed at the man, who can be seen fleeing in the video.

The wannabe robber is believed to have fled in a burgundy minivan, which we now assume stinks of gasoline.

Attendant Sprays Gas Hose At Would-Be Robber In Lowell [CBSlocal.com]

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