I Made The Mistake Of Trying To Give Burger King Staff Some Polite Feedback

A Consumerist reader wrote in recently to tell us that not only was a refund not the issue after a small drive-thru problem at Burger King, but the fast food location didn’t even want to hear some simple feedback.

Reader “Regular Customer” copied Consumerist on a letter to their local chain, to relate a poor customer service experience. After ordering some chicken tenders and not receiving the requested dipping sauce, this customer shrugged, ate the food anyway, and went into the store the next day. RC writes that it wasn’t a big issue, and wasn’t seeking a refund but wanted to pass along the experience as a means of customer feedback.

One of the store managers saw that I was holding a receipt, approached me, and demanded, “What do you want?” I told her nicely that I was disappointed that the sauce was not included with my chicken tenders the day before. She berated me for not calling them on the day the mistake was made, claiming that anyone could have walked in and said that something had been missing from their order the day before. She apparently assumed that I expected a refund or replacement sauce, without asking me. She began tossing packages of sauce across the counter. I stopped her by saying that I did not need any sauce. I just wanted to tell her about the problem.

RC says a nicer kitchen supervisor then intervened and was more polite, but the whole experience has left a sour taste in our reader’s mouth. One might think a large chain would welcome the opportunity to hear calm feedback from a regular, who never asked for any recompense.

Our reader asked Burger King’s corporate office what is being done to improve customer service at the chain in question, and also, whether or not a drive-thru error warrants a refund or replacement, even if it’s not requested.

At least he got a better response than this Wendy’s customer.

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