Drop In Euro Means A Good Time For Fall European Vacations

As the Euro drops to its lowest level against the American dollar in months, you might want to check out deals to head to Europe for a cheaper fall vacation.

SmartMoney points out that airfare and hotel prices usually drop after Labor Day, as many tourists end the summer vacation season. But with the Euro at $1.37 as of last Friday, hotels abroad won’t hit your wallets as hard as they would otherwise.

“It’s pretty straightforward,” says Ed Perkins, a contributing editor for travel advice site SmarterTravel.com. “If the Euro is down X%, your day-to-day cost will be down X%.”

Sure, the drop in the Euro might not save you a ton of cash, but saving a little is better than nothing at all, right? Taking advantage of Fall promotions from airlines is a good idea no matter what the price of the Euro, so keep an eye on European airlines offering lower fares.

A Cheaper Euro Sweetens Fall Travel Deals [Smart Money]

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