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Guy Picks The Lucky Gal With Same Name As His Ex To Fly Around The World With Him

It’s a tale as old as time: Guy meets girl, buys nonrefundable plane tickets for trip around the world, guy and girl part ways, guy seeks new girl but with same name and Canadian passport so tickets don’t go to waste, guy meets new girl, they go around the world. This stuff never gets old. [More]

Free from fees, least for now.

T-Mobile Drops Fees For International Data & Texting In 115 Countries

It’s always the opposite of fun to realize you forgot to turn off your mobile roaming or sent a few too many texts while traveling out of the United States — fees for text and data can pile up into the the hundreds or thousands of dollars if you’re not careful. T-Mobile customers on its Simple Choice plan won’t have those worries when visiting 115 or so countries, as the company announced it’s ditching international fees in certain locations. [More]

Drop In Euro Means A Good Time For Fall European Vacations

Drop In Euro Means A Good Time For Fall European Vacations

As the Euro drops to its lowest level against the American dollar in months, you might want to check out deals to head to Europe for a cheaper fall vacation. [More]