Charles Schwab Bank Helps You Avoid Overdrafts And Pay Your Bills

When Art received an unexpected e-mail about his account at Schwab Bank, he assumed it was some kind of phishing attempt. Aren’t all messages that say “Time Sensitive Information about Your [Bank Name] Bank Account?” But it wasn’t. Schwab wanted to let him know that he didn’t have the funds to cover an impending auto-debit, and he needed to transfer some cash over.

I want to share a positive experience with my multinational bank.

This morning I received an email from Schwab with the subject line: “Time Sensitive Information about Your Schwab Bank Account”

At first I figured it was a phishing scam, but I opened it up and was shocked to see a courtesy notice from them alerting me I had forgotten to transfer money into my checking account to cover the auto debit for my student loan payment this month.

It was nice to see evidence, at least one bank out there is interested in doing the right thing for their customers. I have always had great customer service from Schwab despite not having a gigantic balance with them. They also refund all ATM fees charged at other banks ATM’s!

One flaw of Schwab that we mentioned in the past was the inability to deposit third-party checks with them. Good news: they let us know that as of this very week, that’s no longer a problem.

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