Wendy's Worker Attacks Pregnant Customer For Complaining About Cold Food

Last week, a pregnant woman in Illinois complained to a Wendy’s staffer about being served a cold burger. Little did she know that such a minor issue would lead to her being chased down in the parking lot.

“When we got the food, it was cold, so I went inside and she came right at me yelling [and using profanity],” the customer tells the Chicago Sun-Times.

The restaurant’s manager was able to intervene before anything physical happened. He immediately fired the employee and also gave the customer a hot replacement burger and a refund.

But it didn’t end there.

When the customer got to her car, where her boyfriend and two young daughters were waiting, the recently fired woman came running at her, screaming more unkind words.

“[My boyfriend] flew out of the car and restrained her,” said the customer. “I told her I was pregnant and at risk and she didn’t care.”

The former Wendy’s staffer allegedly made several attempts to attack the customer. Luckily an off-duty police officer witnessed what was going on and stepped in to put a stop to the fracas, arresting the angry woman.

The Wendy’s worker was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor.

When word about the incident reached Wendy’s HQ, someone from the fast food chain contacted the mom-to-be to offer her free food for life. However, the woman never received a promised follow-up call from the chain, so it’s unclear if they are making good on that promise.

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