Sorry A Guy Died Next To You, Here's A Coupon

An Australian airline is giving money off coupons to passengers who sat near a man as he died while eating the in-flight meal.

While watching the in-flight movie and eating the airplane food, passenger Vanessa noticed another passenger who appeared to be having a hard time. “I thought he was laughing very hard; then I looked at his face and his eyes were rolling and he couldn’t talk. His lips were turning purple,” she told The New Zealand Herald.

Three on-board medical personnel rushed to his aid but they couldn’t save him. Afterwards, police said that the man had choked to death, although he also had a pre-existing heart condition.

The airline, Jetstar, an offshoot of Qantas, has reached out to some of the passengers who were sitting near the man as he convulsed and died in their midst. They were offered a voucher for money off their next flight, which some passengers said was equivalent to $84. They should have just with an apology. The coupon is just a bit tacky.

Discounts for passengers after man dies mid-flight [AFP] (Thanks to Harper!)

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