Verizon Customers Complain About Slow Service Brought On By Strike

As 45,000 Verizon workers strike, the company faces battles on multiple fronts. Not only must Verizon contend with picketing workers, but strained staff resources and the accompanying backlash from customers who contend service has gotten slower.

The New York Times reports some Verizon landline, internet and cable TV customers are reporting significant delays in repair and installation. The paper speaks to a Manhattan investment bank manager whose phones have been down for nine days, as well as a New Jersey resident who says Verizon told him it wouldn’t be able to install TV and internet service at his apartment until Dec. 30.

A Time Warner marketing officer says the company is attempting to take advantage of Verizon’s troubles, pitching its customer service as a selling point.

A Verizon executive says service problems are minimal:

“We’re seeing some minor delays on a few repairs and installations. The vast majority of our customers are not seeing any impact.”

Customers Feel Ripples of the Verizon Strike [The New York Times]

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