Two Charged In Swiping Of iPhone 4 Prototype; Neither Are Bloggers

When a pre-release iPhone 4 prototype wound up in the hands of Gizmodo last year, authorities began an investigation that led to the seizure of an editor’s computers. Authorities allege that an Apple engineer left the prototype at a bar. Gizmodo admitted paying someone to get the phone, stating it didn’t realize the prototype was stolen. Now Gizmodo editors can breathe easy, because the San Mateo County District Attorney has not brought charges against anyone from the site.

The DA instead has charged two men suspected of taking the phone from the bar with misdemeanors. One of the suspects was charged with one count of misappropriation of lost property, and another with the same count, plus possession of stolen property.

In a statement, Gizmodo parent Gawker Media said the company is pleased that the DA found Gizmodo committed no crime.

Gizmodo Officially Not Being Charged in iPhone 4 Case [Gizmodo]

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