Reports: GameStop Pulls PC Version Of 'Deus Ex' Off Shelves After Controversy

As we reported yesterday, GameStop fessed up to ordering employees to pull coupon codes out of new copies of the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The company justified its shady directive by saying the publisher Square Enix didn’t let it know the coupon — for a free version of the game from OnLive, which competes against GameStop’s digital service — would be included. Now GameStop is reportedly yanking the game off shelves.

Kotaku and other game news sites report that a leaked email from GameStop corporate ordered employees to remove the game from shelves pending an upcoming recall. According to Kotaku, the game’s publisher is working in tandem with GameStop on the recall.

GameStop Pulls PC Deus Ex: Human Revolution From Shelves Following OnLive Debacle [Kotaku]

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