Philly Cracks Down On Flash Mobs With Teen Curfew

Just as Bomont became known as the town that forbade dancing and rock music, Philadelphia could earn the reputation as the city that stifled flash mobsters. Hollywood would do well to base a Footloose-style film on Philly, which has placed 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday night curfews on teens in downtown Center City, where a recent flash mob left two injured, and college neighborhood Universe City. In the rest of the city, curfew is midnight for those ages 14 to 17 and 10 p.m. for kids under 13.

CNN reports the city’s mayor says the curfew is meant to curtail flash mobs accused of assaulting innocents. First-time curfew violators will face $150 fines, while repeat offenders will be ordered to pay as much as $500.

Philly mayor: ‘No excuses’ for flash mob attacks [CNN]

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