HBO Go To Expand To Video Game Consoles, Web-Connected TVs

While HBO Go, the premium cable network’s online streaming service, has already expanded to make itself available on computers and smartphones, it hasn’t made the leap to being available on gaming consoles, which would allow you to watch the HBO archive on your TV without having a computer connected. But the CEO of parent company Time Warner says that will soon change.

During a conference call to discuss company earnings, CEO Jeff Bewkes announced yesterday that the HBO Go service would soon be made available — only to HBO subscribers, of course — on video game consoles and internet-connected TVs.

He says the mobile versions of HBO Go for iOS and Android have already passed 4 million. The number of people watching could jump much higher once it’s available on gaming consoles. A recent Nielsen report states that half of Netflix videos are streamed through consoles like the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

The big question remains: How long before HBO tries to leverage this dedicated streaming fan base into an online subscription service that doesn’t require subscribing to HBO through your cable provider? And if they did, how much would you pay for streaming access to the complete HBO library?

HBO Go expands its reach, coming soon to connected game consoles and TVs [Consumer Reports]

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