FCC Promises 100,000 New Jobs… At Call Centers

Need a job? Come join the glamorous world of call centers! The FCC says that call centers are poised to add 100,000 new jobs to the economy. You’ll get your very own cubicle! Or, at least, your very own partitions!

The call centers jobs are coming about as some companies decide to stop outsourcing their customer service overseas and start “onshoring” it instead. A business group calling itself “Jobs4America” is announcing the project alongside the FCC.

Some of the jobs will be in call center facilities, others will be “home-sourced,” which means the workers will work at computers and with headsets in their own homes.

The group has said their plan is to “target areas with high unemployment.” This is a very good strategy because with the high turnover and burnout rates seen among call center workers, you need to have nice big pools of people who have few other choices to churn through.

But hey, it’s a gig, and there’s plenty of people out there who need one right now.

FCC promises 100,000 jobs through ‘call centers’ [CNN] (Thanks to Wayne!)

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