Chicago Sausage Sellers Bicker Over Who's More Original

A pair of similarly named Chicago Polish sausage establishments — Jim’s Original Polish and Jim’s Original Chicago — are locked in a federal court battle over business names and marketing practices.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Jim’s Original Polish is accusing Jim’s Original Chicago of attempting to piggyback off its good name, using signs and menu item names that could confuse customers. For instance, Jim’s Original Polish copyrighted the slogan “The Original Maxwell Street Polish Sausage Stand,” but contends Jim’s Original Chicago uses “Original Maxwell Street Polish.”

The owner of Jim’s Original Chicago says the suit has no merit:

“If people like his food, they aren’t going to come to me just because of a name,” said Husain, “I named it after a guy named Jim who worked for me for 12 years.”

“If I’d known this would happen I would have used the name Joe or Tim or something. You see lots of Jim’s Hot Dogs on Google … I’d never misguide anyone. I’m not copying either. He’s got six or seven menu items, I’ve got 25. If he’d come to me and asked, I would have changed it. As long as the food is good people will come to you. I’m still willing to talk.”

Jim’s Original Polish is also suing Jim’s Original of Joliet, Inc., operator of Jim’s Original J Town, accusing the business of using the slogan “Original Maxwell Street Polish.”

Polish sausage stand accuses rival of piggybacking on name [Chicago Sun-Times]

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