Check Out This Nearly Undetectable ATM Skimmer

Reader Andrew noticed this picture of an an incredibly high-end professional ATM skimmer that is virtually undetectable.

Skimmers are devices scammers mount ATMs which harvest your credit and debit card information.

The picture appears in and is of a skimmer that was found over in Germany. You can see that there is an entirely fake PIN plate that was mounted to the ATM. The crooks had also mounted a fake card reader on top of the real one. All the external facing parts are made from real pieces of ATM equipment, making them almost impossible to detect.

It’s not a bad idea to quickly scan ATMs before you use them and pull on the card reader slot to make sure it’s not a skimmer. If it is, it will come off the ATM in your hands.

New campaign to combat ATM fraud launched [] (Thanks to Andrew!)

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