British Airways To Start Pumping Signature Scent Into Jet Cabins

How many times have you boarded a plane and thought, “You know what would make this flight even more fun? If there was a signature scent being pumped through the cabin!” Well then maybe you should start flying British Airways, which will reportedly be smelling up their jets in the near future.

The scent is apparently the idea of BA’s new marketing chief, a former biggie at swanky hotel chain Intercontinental, who wants to replicate the experience of shoppers walking into a chic boutique.

A source told the Sun newspaper, “The smell is part of it. Crew are also being told they have to have matching black luggage and carry-on bags so there is a BA look.”

The airline confirmed that the stinky idea is “one of many ideas we are currently considering in order to improve the experience on board our aircraft.”

We just hope they pick a better scent than the one that drew protests at Abercrombie & Fitch.

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