Walmart Shopper Sacrifices Minivan To Stop Shoplifters From Fleeing

A customer at a Florida Walmart was one of several people who spotted two women run out the store’s front door with a cart full of allegedly stolen merchandise. And when he saw this pair try to escape in a car, he decided it was time to intervene.

“I got in my van real fast and drove around over there,” he tells MyFoxOrlando.

The man turned the corner in the parking lot and headed toward the women who were trying to drive off in a Mustang.

“As she realized I was there in front of her she rammed me with the car and tried, tried to ram me a second time,” said the customer. “I went ahead and pushed her on past the end of the row.”

He was able to wedge the Mustang up against the Walmart’s wall until the police arrived and found hundreds of dollars in pilfered products.

“Who do you think you are with a shopping cart of stuff you didn’t pay for?” the customer asked to MyFoxOrlando in an interview afterward.

The incident did about $2,500 worth of damage to the man’s minivan, but he says he would do it over again if he had the opportunity: “Yes, I could fix the van but you only get certain moments in life that things like this will present themselves to you where you’re either doing it or you’re not. And, well… You gotta do it.”

Man stops accused shoplifters with his minivan:

Man stops accused shoplifters with his minivan []

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