My iPad Has An Evil Twin

Kimberly and her Verizon Pad 2 didn’t know it, but her tablet has an evil twin lurking somewhere in the country. It lurked, waiting to steal her iPad’s identity and rob it of its network connectivity. Who created this horrible monster? Er… Verizon Wireless.

I’ve had an iPad 2 since launch and suddenly yesterday my iPad’s 3g verizon is not working. I fiddle with different fixes and then I say screw it and call verizon. They tell me my iPad has a twin (same MEID number or something) and it apparently happened with a few, but what verizon people are supposed to do is advise the new owner to go return their new iPad for a new one with a different number… instead this twin of mine got their iPad activated and mine was forced to deactivate.

Verizon tells me they can’t deactivate the other one and reactivate mine because that’s against the rules, so I have to return my day 1 iPad to get a new one. Here’s hoping I can reactivate my old data plan seeing as it no longer exists and I just paid for a month service on the 20th of August.

Has this happened to any mobile devices that you’ve owned?

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