Groupon Uses Pretty Picture To Advertise Not As Pretty Reality

Being the savvy consumers that you all are, you’re probably no stranger to something not appearing in person as it does in a promotional photo.

Here’s a promotional photo of the pool at the Clinton Hotel and Spa in Miami, used by Groupon to advertise a current deal to stay there, as tipster Dave points out.

Here’s the photo used in the Groupon ad:

Look at the pool! It looks huge and great! Sure, you can’t see all of it, but the rest of it must be very large. Maybe not so much.

Now here’s another pic Dave found on, which provides many user-submitted photos of hotels that actually look like the hotel will when you arrive.


A little bit of a difference, eh? Also, someone seems to have stolen that cool lamp.

You can’t exactly blame Groupon, as it must use promotional photos provided by the places it features — and the hotel is certainly going to put its best foot forward — but customers do deserve to know what they’re really buying into.

We’re sure a lot of you have photos vs. reality tales of vacation getaways. Share them in the comments and if you have pics, feel free to send them and the story to

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