Nivea Apologizes For Insensitive Ad


Nivea drew a deluge of criticism for running an ad in Esquire featuring a black dude holding what looks like the mask of a black guy with an Afro and facial hair with copy that read “Look Like You Give a Damn.” and “Re-civilize Yourself.” Nivea’s parent company, Beiersdorf AG, quickly backed away from the ad, apologizing and issuing an apology.

In a statement released to CNN, Beiersdorf AG said:

“We are deeply sorry to anyone who may take offense to this specific local advertisement. After realizing that this ad is misleading, it was immediately withdrawn. … Diversity and equal opportunity are crucial values of NIVEA: The brand represents diversity, tolerance, and equal opportunity. We value difference. Direct or indirect discrimination must be ruled out in all decisions by, and in all areas of our activities. This applies regardless of gender, age, race, skin color, religion, ideology, sexual orientation, or disability. Nor should cultural, ethnic, or national origin, and political or philosophical conviction be of any significance.”

What was your first reaction to the “misleading” ad?

Nivea apologizes for controversial ad in Esquire [CNN]

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