What Would You Want To See On A Cable Customers' Bill Of Rights?

Over at our former sibling site Gizmodo, they have cobbled together what they believe is a list of the basic rights any cable customer should have when it comes to service, billing and selection. We wanted to throw it out there to see if you agree.

Here are the 10 tenets of Gizmodo’s Cable Customer Bill of Rights:
1. We should be able to choose the channels we want
2. Appointments should be kept
3. Installation windows should be no longer than two hours
4. Get it right the first time
5. Deliver the speed we pay for
6. Make our bills clear and detailed
7. Our bills should be accurate
8. Don’t cap our bandwidth
9. Equip your call centers to do everything
10. Honor all your offers

Most of these (certainly #s 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 10) could be justified on just about any customers’ bill of rights. And it seems like 6 and 7 could be consolidated into one demand for a bill that is clear, detailed and accurate.

Numbers 5 and 8 assume that you are getting your internet and cable from the same provider, so should they be included? If so, are there any VOIP issues that should be included? Satellite customers: should there be any additions specifically for your particular service?

Sound off in the comments!

The Cable Customer’s Bill of Rights [Gizmodo]

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