Fake Utility Workers Stealing Thousands In Jewelry From Customers

Thieves have been dressing up as local utility workers for BGE in Maryland.

CBS Baltimore reports that their scam works by knocking on your door and saying they need to talk to you out in the yard about some wiring they have to do. They say they have to talk to you in the yard because they’re not allowed to go in your house. While one of them talks to you and goes over a fake installation, another sneaks inside your house and starts ransacking it for cash and jewels.

Maryland police say that they’ve hit four times in the past three days. The thieves seem to be targeting the elderly.

If a person comes to your door and says they are with some company, ask them to show ID. There should be no reason to have to leave your house to talk to a company rep who shows up either.

BGE Imposters Scamming ‘Vulnerable Customers’ In Central Md. [CBS Baltimore]

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