Bridal Store Refuses To Sell Wedding Gown To Lesbian

A New Jersey bridal store is catching a lot of flack after it refused to sell a wedding dress to a lesbian.

Philadelphia Daily News writes how a young bride-to-be entered the store with six of her closest friend and family members. The group was abuzz with excitement and celebration. The mother had packed little gift bags of muffins and morning snacks and a bottle of champagne was in tow.

After selecting and trying on several dresses, the young woman found one that she wanted and placed and order for it, thrilled to have found her perfect dress. When she filled out the order form, she crossed out the word “groom” and replaced it with “partner,” and wrote the name of her wife to be.

The woman was surprised later when the store owner called her up to inform her that the store wouldn’t be working with her.

“She said she wouldn’t work with me because I’m gay,” the woman told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “She also said that I came from a nice Jewish family, and that it was a shame I was gay. She said, ‘There’s right, and there’s wrong. And this is wrong.’ “

A voicemail by the store owner also said that the wedding was “illegal” and “we do not participate in any illegal actions.”

The store confirmed the incident to the Philadelphia Daily News and didn’t dispute the woman’s version of the events. The store owner told them even worse things on the record that I won’t dignify by reprinting, even in a critical fashion. You can read their article if you feel like reading hate speech.

The article has prompted readers to descend on the store’s Yelp profile and fill it with the comments. The store now has one-star Yelp rating.

Even on just the most basic of business terms, a bridal store shouldn’t spurn lesbian weddings. After all, you might end up selling two dresses.

Store dresses down bride for being a lesbian [Philly] (Thanks to Matthew!)

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