Personal Finance Roundup

10 Ways to Annoy a Hiring Manager [US News] “Want to annoy a hiring manager and lose out on the job? Here are 10 surefire ways to do it.”

Protecting your parents: Keep the sharks at bay [CNN Money] “One out of every five older Americans has been sold an inappropriate investment, paid excessive fees for a financial product or service, or been a victim of fraud.”

For Spenders, the Down Market Has an Upside [Smart Money] “Market woes may lead to significant deals and discounts on travel, cars and other big-ticket items.”

Fido’s bite could cost $26,000 [MSN Money] “Last year, the average cost of a dog bite claim was $26,166.”

10 Weird And Unconventional Ways To Save Money [Bible Money Matters] “Yeah, I know, great way to start the list – by telling people to stop using toilet paper!”


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