Dyson Fixed My 5-Year-Old Vacuum For Free Without Receipt

As anyone who ever looked at the price tag on a Dyson knows, the vacuum cleaner company charges a premium for its devices. But for Consumerist reader Matt, his recent customer service experience with Dyson has him believing the high sticker price was worth the investment.

Here’s Matt’s story:

Two weeks ago, our Dyson DC-15 began to have problems with it’s brush. This was the first time we had ever had any problems out of our vacuum, and upon calling around town, I was having a hard time finding a shop that would fix it!

Running out of ideas, I called the 800 number provided on Dyson’s website, to inquire where I would need to send my vacuum (and how many hundreds of dollars would this potentially cost me). I spoke with a nice lady about my problem, and after a bit of research and Q & A, she gave me the address of a local appliance repair shop that would be able to fix my unit.

Now mind you, I don’t have any receipts from buying the vacuum, and I purchased the vacuum approx 5-1/2 years ago. I have never registered the unit, so the lady on the phone did that for me, and told me that I was close enough to 5 years that she could go ahead and “goodwill” the repairs on my unit.

After telling me where to take the unit, she said that there would be a repair order waiting for me, and that there would be no charge! I was impressed by the level of service Dyson offered, and this experience give me the confidence to buy more Dyson products in the future.

Has anyone else had to deal with Dyson customer service. Would love to know if Matt’s experience is representative of the company or just a fluke.

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