Breastfeeding Delta Passenger: Flight Attendant Publicly Humiliated Me

Earlier this week, a traveling mom who had just boarded a Delta flight from Indianapolis to Raleigh, NC, decided it was a good time to nurse her 8-month-old. A flight attendant didn’t agree. You can imagine how this one goes from here.

According to the traveler’s own report on, the flight attendant told her to cover up or stop nursing her child. Not wanting to cover herself with a blanket in the 85-degree heat, and citing her legal rights to feed her child, the mom declined.

Here’s how she tells the rest of the story:

[The attendant] publicly humiliated me over and over, and implied that we could be thrown off the plane for giving her “a hard time.” I have never been so publicly degraded. Morally and legally, she was wrong… This is not the first time DELTA has had this problem. I hope this story makes a difference in how employees are selected and trained.

Delta Airlines Breastfeeding Policy [CNN via]

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