Tips For Making Job Hunts Easier

Because of the difficult job market, many people who never expected to be scanning job ads and sending out resumes are doing exactly that. In order to streamline your search and spend as much time as possible chasing promising leads, you’ll need to be smart about the way you conduct your search.

Musing Maine-iac lists ways to keep your wits about you when looking for your next paycheck:

*Know your skills. It’s important to define your specialty, then seek openings that are looking for whatever it is you do best.

*Shamelessly ask around. It seems that most jobs worth getting end up being filled by people who know the right people. Ask friends, family members and anyone else you can think of for leads.

If you’ve had to find a new job recently, what worked for you?

Job Hunting Tips for the 21st Century [Musing Maine-iac]

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