This Best Buy Bundle Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Reader Kevin was flipping through the online version of the latest Best Buy circular when he stumbled upon the car charger/headphone/iPod Touch case bundle seen here for a total of $29.97, a purported savings of $42. Which would be nice, except for the fact that you can save even more by actually buying those items separately.

Purchased separately, the $10 charger, $5 iPod case and $11.99 Sony headphones will only run you $26.99, nearly $3 less than the bundle price.


“Not a huge difference,” writes Kevin, “but sneaky nonetheless.”

Obviously Best Buy is not the only company whose “sales” and “bundles” are not always, well… a best buy. So let this be yet another lesson to always check the prices of the individual items in any sort of bundle to make sure you are indeed getting a deal.

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