Friday Tipster Round-Up: Bought To You By The Dept. Of Redundancy Dept.

Thousands of readers have already downloaded our free Consumerist Tipster App. Here are just a handful of the photos they’ve sent in. Remember that you can always see even more Tipster photos on our Facebook page.


Miss Dev: “I know what they are trying to say – but it still seems like something issued by the Department of Redundancy Department.”


Karen found a jewelry counter that won’t serve you until you remove your baseball hat.


Jacqueline B: “Happy Halloween from Wegmans on Aug. 6!”


Schmitty McDougal: “For when you just want to say ‘I love you and your increased protein intake.'”


Justin: “Yes, the headline does go there.”


Alice: “Spotted this sign near the checkout line at Kroger yesterday. Time to support your local public library!”