For Some Reason, The 'Bacon-Egger' Egg Salad Sandwich Never Caught On

One dish conspicuously missing from our modern bacon-crazed menus is the “Bacon-Egger.” What’s that, you say? Not a breakfast item, as it is at some establishments, but a sandwich. An open-faced egg salad sandwich with strips of bacon, olives, and celery. Featured in a 1965 7-Up ad, it apparently goes well with a bottle of 7-Up. Or, to translate that into ad copy, the soda’s “frisky taste and lively sparkle give every bite ‘first bite’ excitement!”

This ad appeared in Better Homes and Gardens and likely other housekeeping-type magazines, but the sandwich doesn’t exactly appeal to a modern palate. (I may be biased, since I find both hard-boiled eggs and olives revolting.) If you’re an adventurous sandwich-maker, though, here’s how you can make your own Bacon-Egger at home:

Egg salad sandwich gets a meaty touch, and 7-Up makes the taste even brighter.

Make egg salad according to your favorite recipe. Heap it on sliced white bread. And top with strips of crisp, cooked bacon! Serve as an open-faced sandwich–or closed. Garnish with celery and olives. And then bring on the chilled 7-Up! Its frisky taste and lively sparkle give every bite ‘first bite’ excitement!”

If an egg salad sandwich constitutes your idea of “excitement,” it’s time to leave the house more. Hmm… I think I understand The Feminine Mystique a lot better now.

(Click on the ad to open it up full-size. Thanks to Flickr user bluwmongoose for uploading this important piece of historical baconalia to our Flickr pool.


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