Verizon Goes To Court To Battle Picketers

Amid the labor dispute in which 45,000 Verizon landline workers are striking due to Verizon’s insistence at restructuring pensions, health care and workplace procedures, the company has filed several court actions accusing picketers of thuggish behavior.

The AP reports Verizon has taken action in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Massachusetts, saying picketers have harassed those who are still working, in some cases attempting to prevent employees from going to work.

Although a Communications Workers of America did not immediately return a call from the AP, it has said it doesn’t condone illegal activities. Verizon says negotiations are continuing between the two sides, with managers stepping in to work in place of striking employees.

Verizon reports dozens of incidents of sabotage, some causing service interruptions, to its property since the strike began. The AP reports the union has said sabotage accusations are just a management tactic.

Verizon goes to court over workers’ strike in East [AP via Miami Herald]

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