Ken's Steak House Increases Salad Dressing Bottle Size, Doesn't Charge More Or Brag

Sometimes, companies reverse the famed Grocery Shrink Ray, and actually increase the quantity of their product without also hiking the price. Ken’s Steak House recently increased the amount in a bottle from eight ounces to nine. Even more astonishingly, they didn’t feel the need to brag about this on the bottle.

Our esteemed fellow consumer crusaders at Mouse Print noticed the change, and brought it to the world’s attention.


A company spokesperson explained that they kept the change quiet because they were unable to find an effective way to communicate, “omg! one more ounce!” on their packaging. Still, their modesty is admirable.

Bucking the Trend, This Company Upsized its Products [Mouseprint] (Thanks, Hastin!)

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