Amex Finally Agrees That You're Not Your Mother

After Yuriy’s complaint — Amex was addressing his bills to his mother and had her as the legal name on the account — went up on Consumerist, and he sent them an EECB, he got results.

Yuriy writes:

I received a call from a Jessica in the American Express Executive Department today. She told me that everything had been taken care of on the account and that I should contact her directly if there are any additional problems. She even gave me a $25 credit for having acquired a credit report. I doubt this retroactively takes care of the credit report inconsistency, however, so I’ll have to argue that case separately.

– Yuriy

That’s great to hear! Regarding the credit report, you should call her back and ask her to have Amex file the correction with all three credit bureaus. They owe you that as well.

Amex Thinks You’re Your Mother, Refuses To Change Its Mind

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