Badvertising Hall Of Fame Store Moo & Oink May Have To Liquidate

Even if you’ve never lived near Chicago, longtime readers of Consumerist may remember Windy City grocery store Moo & Oink for its so-bad-it’s-friggin-awesome TV ad that launched our Great Moments In Commercial History series. But now comes sad news that the dancing cow and pig might be headed to the liquidation slaughterhouse if Moo & Oink doesn’t find a buyer.

From the Austin Weekly News:

A decline in sales and a sagging economy could force Moo & Oink Inc. to liquidate its assets “as soon as reasonably possible,” according to a letter sent to the company’s creditors on Aug. 2 by Steven Nerger, who has been appointed by the company as trustee and assignee for the benefit of creditors of Moo & Oink Inc.

Nerger writes that the company will continue to operate its retail locations on Chicago’s South Side while he looks for a buyer, but “if a sale cannot be completed, I will liquidate the inventory and sell the equipment and intangibles as soon as reasonably possible.”

So let’s use this opportunity to bask in the glory of one of the greatest worst commercials ever, because there may never be another like it:

Moo and Oink scrambling to find buyer [Austin Weekly News]

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