Credit Union Decides To Clear Out Foreclosed Home Five Days Early

An Oregon woman who had recently moved out of her foreclosed home had been told by her credit union that she had until this Friday to clear her remaining property out of the home. But that didn’t stop the lender from sending out a moving company this past weekend to take her stuff away anyway.

“My house is empty,” the woman told a rep for the credit union over the phone while KATU-TV cameras rolled, “and there’s nothing I could do about it because I was five hours away.”

The former homeowner had been away for the weekend with her daughters on a camping trip when the movers, who tell KATU they were hired by the credit union, showed up and began hauling away the items that remained in the house.

Items of any value were taken to a storage facility while others went straight to the dump, says the woman’s daughter.

Neighbors spotted the movers and did their best to stop them, even pulling a letter from the house’s mailbox that clearly stated the former homeowner had until Aug. 12 to clear out. When the movers saw that, they stopped, but the damage had mostly been done.

One employee from the moving company showed up on Monday to tell the woman where she could locate the items that hadn’t been tossed away.

In spite of evidence to the contrary, the credit union’s attorney denied to KATU that any items were taken from the home. She said she’s looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, the woman has had to get an attorney to work with the credit union to get her stuff back.

Family of foreclosed home returns, finds movers came early []

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