The Daily Show: Couple "Forecloses" On Bank Of America

The couple who “foreclosed” on Bank of America got The Daily Show treatment last night. John Oliver caught up with the homeowners to find out how they showed up with repo men and sheriff’s deputies at a Bank of America branch office and got the bank to pay them money they were owed. It all began when the bank tried to foreclose on them, even though they had no mortgage at all, and owned their home free and clear.

Like we told you in June, the couple had gotten Bank of America to drop the suit, but the bank wouldn’t pay their fees, despite a court order telling them to. After repeated and fruitless attempts at contact and negotiation, the couple took that court order and got a sheriff’s levy put on Bank of America. Then they saddled up with some sheriff’s deputies and repo men and went knocking on the branch office, ready, and legally empowered, to take everything that wasn’t bolted down and sell it at auction.

“He was visibly shaken,” said the couple’s lawyer of the bank manager.

After wrangling, the bank manager opted to write the couple a check for the $2,534 in attorney’s fees they were owed.

Because their story was so awesome, John Oliver ends the segment by creating the fake trailer for the movie it must inevitably become.

The Forecloser [The Daily Show]

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