How To Squeeze In Exercise As You Travel

Travel provides one of the most convenient excuses not to exercise. It’s a vacation, time to relax! It’s a business trip, time to focus on your work! But despite what we’d all like to believe, vacation calories count just as much as those ingested at home, and because it’s tougher to come by low-cal, home-cooked meals on the road, it’s crucial that you maintain a workout regimen while traveling.

NerdFitness provides some tips for how to do just that. The writer emphasizes making workouts a priority rather than an aterthought, requiring yourself to exercise every day no matter what.

He’s big on using atypical workout equipment he finds while going on walks. he does pull ups on swing sets, tree branches and building or bus stop overhangs and hammers out push-ups, lunges and squats whenever he gets a free moment.

How do you squeeze in workouts on the go?

How To Stay In Shape While Traveling [NerdFitness]

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