Fighting For A Working HP Laptop For 8 Months

Try as they might, HP just seems to be incapable of getting David’s repair right. When repairing his wireless card that was damaged in a previous repair, they broke the motherboard. Fixing the motherboard, they broke the screen connector. And so on. Even the replacement computer they gave him started to fail, and then they failed at fixing that correctly. This ridiculous dance has been going on for 8 months.

David writes:

I have had an outstanding support problem with my HP laptop since late December 2010.

I used the online chat with a support representative to resolve an issue with my HP laptop, the HP EliteBook 8530w, s/n 2CE9260FNJ. The issue (which I don’t even remember anymore) was resolved, but my cellular wireless card was damaged in the process by the HP tech. A new HP tech was assigned to the case. He replaced the cellular wireless card, but in the process broke another part, which I believe was the motherboard. He returned with a new motherboard, but broke the screen’s connector in the process of replacing the motherboard. He returned with a new screen and installed it successfully, but then I discovered that he had installed a lower resolution screen than what I had purchased. He then informed me that the display was no longer available, and so he returned to install the original LCD panel into the frame of the new, lower resolution one. When he completed this, the screen flickered and had lines through it. This process brings us through February 2011.

He and his manager discussed options and opted to replace my 8530w notebook with the 8540w model, s/n USH045001H.

Eventually The 8540w laptop soon started having hard disk issues. The laptop’s disk was replaced, but I of course lost data that was on the original drive.

In early June, the laptop began having overheating issues where the bottom of the laptop would get so hot, it was unusable on my lap. Soon after, it started shutting down from the heat after about 15 minutes of use. After cleaning the fan and discovering that the problem still occurred, I contacted HP support, who had no record of the laptop swap and claimed that this new unit had only a 1 year, mail-in warranty. I cited the original serial number in order to have the HP tech pull up the case history. This tech then set up an on site appointment using the warranty from the original computer. However, he shipped out parts (a heat sink, fan, and graphics card) for the original 8530w, not the new 8540w.

The tech arrived with the 8530w parts in hand, and did not check to see that they were the correct parts before attempting to force them into the laptop. In doing so, he damaged the screw holes on the computer and damaged the keyboard. He then reassembled the laptop using the original parts (albeit damaged from the aforementioned work). During this period he kept repeating “This is my last job I’ll be doing for HP and they’re only paying me $55 for it. I don’t care what they do to me ’cause I’m not doing anything else for them,” as a justification for his poor performance.

A few days later, another tech was sent, but insisted that the parts were already on site. They were not. He left.

I received a phone call from the HP helpdesk several days later informing me they were closing my ticket because it had been created for the wrong laptop. I protested, and the individual with whom I was speaking promised to call me back with a new ticket number. A week went by with no calls from HP.

I called the HP tech support center again. From this point forward, I kept detailed logs of my communications with HP. Below you will find the call log.

8:58 AM 7/18/2011:

Called and immediately asked for a supervisor. He stated case was for wrong laptop but he closed and opened a new case.

Stated that despite sending all new parts to build a new laptop on site, cannot send a replacement laptop as the laptop is too old. (??)

Transferred back to the original tech that transferred to supervisor. He confirms address (but not city/state/zip). He is replacing base enclosure, mainboard, graphics card, heat sink, and keyboard.

9:38 AM 7/18/2011:

A customer service rep called me, informed me to use the original case number and a tech would be here before 12 to resolve the issues.

1:47 PM 7/19/2011:

No one ever showed up yesterday, but a HP tech arrived just now and said that the case was set up as “Parts on Site,” just like the last time HP sent someone out.

The tech says he got the service call “last night” (so obviously after 12 noon).

4:43 PM 7/19/2011:

Helpdesk called. Asks if I have the parts. I let her know that I don’t She promises a tech will be here tomorrow between 2-4 with the parts. The parts were delivered to “front desk,” signed by “Moleno,” but since I live in a house (with no front desk, etc.) I have no idea where that is.

9:41 AM 7/21/2011:

Another person from helpdesk called, claims she “couldn’t get in touch with me” and that she “left a message.” Google Voice has no record of any missed phone calls. She reschedules for today from between 2-4 PM. I am not available during that time, so she says she’ll call back.

10:08 AM 7/21/2011:

Helpdesk called again, says parts are available after 11:00, and the tech can get to my location by 1 and be done by 2.

1:32 PM 7/21/2011:

As of now, the tech is not yet at my location. If he doesn’t arrive by 2 PM, I will be hopping into the shower in preparation for leaving at 3.

1:52 PM 7/21/2011:

Dispatcher called, saying the tech is stuck in 20 mins of traffic. (He’s 50 minutes late — ??) Rescheduled for tomorrow.

3:59 7/22/2011:

Another dispatcher calls, saying tech is stuck in traffic and will be late. I inform her that no one called me to set up the time for today and I’m not home. She tells me there is “mistaken communications.”

4:04 7/22/2011:

The dispatcher calls back, reschedules appointment for 10 am Monday morning.

9:31 7/25/2011:

The HP tech from before shows up early. He lets me know that only the motherboard and heat sink was shipped to him… not the keyboard, bottom plastics, fan, or graphics card.

He disassembles the machine, and discovers the motherboard and heatsink shipped to him are for the 8530w (again!), not the 8540w. He reassembles the entire machine using the original (broken) parts.

All I want is a new laptop (not refurbished!) as a replacement of what I have now. The current HP model is 8560w, and since I cannot get an 8540w as a new direct replacement, I want the equivalent 8560w. I think this is fair considering it has been over 8 months now that my laptop has been in various states of disrepair.

At this point maybe you should just try to get all your money back and go get a new laptop from another computer maker.

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