Comcast, Bloomberg TV Bicker Over Channel Numbering

Bloomberg and Comcast are trading public barbs over the channel’s accusation that the cable provider has treated it unfairly. Bloomberg complained to the FCC that Comcast is trying to hurt it and aid a competitor it owns, CNBC, by sticking Bloomberg with a high-numbered channel.

Deadline collects the back-and-forth between Bloomberg and Comcast. Here’s the play-by-play:

*After the complaint, Comcast shot back with a 75-page filing explaining that moving Bloomberg closer to CNBC would force it to unfairly displace other channels that have held their spots for years. Comcast also said it assigned Bloomberg its channel before it bought NBC Universal.

*Bloomberg responded that Comcast’s NBCU merger legally binds it to protect independent news channels and is “is not obeying clearly defined conditions” by refusing to play ball.

Does the placement of channels affect how often you watch them?

Comcast Responds To Bloomberg TV Complaint [Deadline]

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