Apple App Store Charges Over And Over Again For New Operating System

Apple’s new version of Mac OS has some new and exciting features, and for Mac fans is a bargain at only $30. It is not, however, worth three times that. Or even $4,000. That’s what some customers have paid, without exactly meaning to. More than one person has come forward complaining that their PayPal accounts, linked to their iTunes accounts, are getting charged for their purchase of OS 10.7 Lion over. And over. And over.

The problem is only affecting people whose PayPal and iTunes/App Store accounts are linked. PayPal and Apple are now done blaming each other, but users don’t yet have their refunds. Neither company will help customers with overdraft fees caused by the sometimes massive overcharges.

PayPal users mistakenly charged as much as $4,000 for Mac OS X Lion [Appleinsider] (Thanks, Matt!)
Lion download charged me 20 time more = $599.80 – Help!!! [Apple support forums]

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