Man Uses Goat, Pizza & Darth Vader Costume To Test Limits Of Apple Store's Hospitality

With the exception of some odd, headline-making incidents, the general image of the Apple Store, especially those here in New York City, is one of “do what you want so long as you don’t break or steal anything.” Thus, armed with a video camera and some livestock, one man wanted to see if Apple Store staffers were willing to shrug off his antics.

“It’s amazing what the Apple Store will allow,” says comedian Mark, the same man who outraced a NYC Transit bus on his big wheel about the computer store’s laid-back attitude. “There are hundreds of videos online of customers singing and dancing in the middle of the store. Not only do they allow house pets, but I have heard of customers successfully bringing in snakes. I can’t imagine that being tolerated at any other store.”

Mark began his boundary pushing by seeing if he could get a pizza delivered to him while he was shopping on the second floor of a Manhattan Apple Store. His success can be seen as both a victory for cool Apple Store staff — one of whom remarks “that’s awesome” when the pie is delivered — and the pizza place that was willing to deliver to someone inside a large retail store.

Then he was joined by his wife for a romantic in-store dinner, complete with waiter service and dancing under a mirror ball while a lone trumpeter played a tune.

In spite of being dressed like the CEO of AT&T Darth Vader, Mark was able to get his iPhone serviced, though one employee did urge him to use the force, which we are pretty sure would void his warranty.

And then there’s the goat, which drew more than a few onlookers but didn’t result in Mark being ejected from the store.

“The staff at the Apple Stores couldn’t have be any nicer,” Mark tells Consumerist “The fact they let me bring in a goat still makes laugh. In the meantime I’ll be waiting for Steve Jobs to send me a free MacBook Pro.”

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