Surprise! Some Things Are Actually Getting Cheaper

Everyone hates rising prices, so to hear that a few things on the market today are actually getting cheaper… well that is a welcome balm to our sorely overtaxed wallets. Here are a few items you’ll spend less on today than you did in times past.

Time runs through a list of 10 things that aren’t getting more expensive, and these are big-ticket items we’re talking about. Not that we wouldn’t mind an ice cream cone getting cheaper, but we’d prefer a car to be less pricey. Here are a few of the chosen products:

Volkswagens: The base price of both the Jetta and the Passat is down, so if you don’t mind not having a fancy schmancy tricked out sports car, well, here are the cars for you!

Ikea products: Customers at these Swedish stores have always enjoyed cheap furniture (and cheap meatballs, yum) and now they’ve sliced prices even more, by 2% to 3% and plan on another couple percent next year as well.

3DTVs: The prices of these are dropping due to their not-so-much-in-demandedness as well as increased production. While a year ago a 47-inch 3DTV cost over $900 for more than a comparable 2D model, this year the price difference has shrunk to about $400.

In-ground swimming pools: Just in time for hot, sweltering summer, sales of in-ground pools have taken a dive of 75% since 2003, says Time. Which means poolmakers are now slashing their prices and even adding freebies. There’s also an even cheaper option of indoor “swim spas.”

Have you noticed any other price drops? Check out the rest of the list over at Time.

10 Things That Are Actually Getting Cheapern [Time]

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