Deadly Fungus Could Eat Up All The Bananas Before You Can Buy Them

Those delicious yellow-peeled tasty fruits you slice over your cereal every morning might be in trouble: Scientists are warning of a banana-pocalypse heading to South America at some point in the near future.

That’s where the nanners you pick up at the store come from, a variety called Cavendish, reports The Scientist. The Cavendish reign supreme on the fruit stands today, because their predecessor, the Gros Michel, was wiped out by a funal pathogenin the early 20th century. Cavendish are supposed to resist the fungus, known as Panama disease, but now a new strain is threatening our tasty yellow friends.

Asian and Australian banana plantations are already feeling the effects of the fungus, called Tropical Race 4, and scientists say its spread to South America is “inevitable.” The fungus spreads through infected water or soil, and plantations have been warned to take preventative measures as soon as possible.

Just something to think about when you grab a banana on the go, that you still have that delightful fruity treat.

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