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Watch Out For Cheap Wild Blueberries After Unexpected Bumper Crop In Maine

Despite an ongoing drought in New England, Maine’s wild blueberry growers have found themselves with a bumper crop of berries on their hands this year. That could translate to cheaper prices for consumers cruising the grocery store for fresh produce. [More]


Why Do Purple Skittles Taste Different Outside The U.S.?

The idea that purple Skittles could taste like anything other than grape is not one familiar to folks who are used chomping on the candies in the U.S. — what else could it possibly be, after all, with that color? But outside the U.S., the purple part of the rainbow tastes completely different. [More]


Harvesting Cranberries For Your Thanksgiving Sauce Is “Kind Of A Fun Job”

Perhaps you think cranberry sauce is somehow grown in a can and plops out just when you need it for Thanksgiving dinner. Or maybe some kind of berry fairy goes along picking cranberries from a bush and leaves them on the doorstep when it’s time to make the sauce. Only one of those things are true. Okay, neither is. Cranberries have a backstory and it doesn’t start in a can or on a bush. [More]

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7-Up Will Stop Adding Vitamin E, Touting Antioxidant Benefits Of Sodas

Anyone banking on getting all those fresh vitamins and antioxidants from a daily dose of 7-Up will have to look elsewhere, like in actual fruits instead of the pictures of them on cans. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group has agreed to stop adding vitamin E and not make claims that the drinks have antioxidants. [More]