Why Students Don't Need iPads

With their portability and user-friendliness, tablet computers seem perfect for students. But before you go spending big money on an iPad for a student, you should consider the limitations of the devices.

DealNews makes an argument against buying tablets, namely iPads, as gifts for the studious set.

Knocks against the devices include:

*Cost. The high-end iPads cost $829, not including the subscription to 3G plans. You can usually find more powerful laptops that boast more memory and capabilities for your dollar.

*Note-taking is rough. Unless you tote along a cumbersome keyboard attachment to provide some tactile feedback, the touch screen is less than ideal for speed-typing, and editing can be imprecise because you’ll need to place the cursor with your clumsy fingers.

*It’s so portable that it’s droppable. Light and slim, it’s easy to manhandle tablets. Students who are used to tossing around backpacks could damage the devices if they’re inside, and those who carry iPads as they would books risk dropping them.

If you’ve used an iPad for school or work, what positives and negatives have you found?

10 Reasons Not to Buy an iPad for Students [DealNews]
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